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  • Login Server : Online
    World Server : Online
    Voting Gateway : Online
    Cash Shop : Offline
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      • > Server Rules
      • Be respectful towards other members and Cabal Matrix Staffs. As much as possible, maintain a high level of professionalism on our server.
      • Avoid using offensive, racist, sexual, vulgar, homophobic, or hateful language in expressing your thoughts or when challenging someone.
      • Whatever you do, be wary of your actions. You and you alone are responsible of your actions and behaviour conducted in our server.
      • Your Account is Your Responsibility. You are solely responsible for the security and any actions done using your account. Accounts caught doing illegal activities regardless if it's done by the rightful owner or not, will face sanctions accordingly. We are not responsible in the event that your account is hacked or compromised.​
      • Only use a legit and working email address for your account. Registered email address is used to Activate, Recover, and Reset Sub Password. For your added protection, we have encrypted your email address when logging in to our website. This is to ensure that you are the only one who knows the full details of your account. If you forgot your email account, you will not be able to recover it and we are not responsible for recovering it for you.​
      • Ghost Accounts. These are accounts created to bypass all known server rules and doing illegal activities in-game or in forum. These accounts are subject to Permanent Ban. ​
      • The use of Macros and Pressers are NOT ALLOWED and we are also not responsible for testing or verifying the specific cheats.
      • Cheats are strictly forbidden. If you are caught using any cheats in our server, your Account will be Permanently Banned without warning.
      • At no certain point should you create a character or use a Display Name in forum that is intended in any way to impersonate a Cabal Matrix Staff or a known individual in the server. If you violate this rule, your account will be Permanently Banned.
      • The penalties enforced to a certain violation will vary depending on the gravity of the offense. This is only true if: a certain violation exceeds the norms, is being done repeatedly, or as deemed necessary by Cabal Matrix Admin.
      • Temporary Ban may be enforced should there be a need to hold an account for investigation due to a possible violation.
      • Reports for a possible violation can be done by posting in our forum or by sending a private message to one of the Cabal Matrix Staffs.
      • Players are not allowed to make any kind of events.
      • Players are not allowed to put in the front of their names GA/GM/Admin or to use names which belongs to someone from Matrix Staffs!
      • Players are not allowed to declare a ban for another player!
      • Your account is your responsibility, we are not responsible for scammed items, alz, cabal cash or accounts! So, protect your password and be careful with your account!
      • We don't tolerate insults against other players or staff members!
      • Reporting False Incidents, Circulating False Information, Misuse of Messaging Boards and Perjury.
        1st Offense: 3 Days Block
        2nd Offense: 10 Days Block
        3rd Offense: 30 Days Block
        4th Offense: Permanent Ban + Account Block

      • Selling, Trading or Buying of Account is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. If you are caught violating this rule, you will receive the following penalties accordingly:
        1st Offense: Final Warning or 24-hours Ban
        2nd Offense: Item Wipeout + 30 Days Ban
        3rd Offense: Item Wipeout + Permanent/IP Ban
        Repeat Offender: Item Wipeout + (30 Days Ban or Permanent/IP Ban)

        12. Usage of Exploits in-game is Prohibited. If you find a bug or glitch in the game, post a report in our forum. Failure to report or continuous usage of these exploits for your own benefit can warrant your account with the following sanctions:
        First Offense: 7 Days Block
        Second Offense: 30 Days Block
        Third Offense: Permanent Block

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